Photo: Jamie Clayton

Things I love:

Hiking up & down Steep hills just for the view 

Float'n down the river with a beer in hand

Mountain biking the Rockies with my twin Emma and bro Colin

Keep'n it local with my family

Drinking coffee like it's my job

 Campfire dwelling in the backcountry  

Hey Lovelies, I am Abby Pickett I am a single explorer with a passion for Adventure.  Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, photographing has given me an outlet, a way to tell stories, and express emotions. I find that bringing joy to the people that surround me, make the world a better place. Whether I am capturing people, places or things I strive to capture surreal moments, true emotions and stories you wouldn't think to remember. 

In December 2014 I picked up my first ever camera and it's been a growing passion ever since. Three years ago while navigating my way through college I realized I needed to find the adventurous side I've always known. So I picked up a pair of ski's packed my car and fell in love with the outdoors. I know first hand that trying something new can be intimidating or scary. I have a passion for helping people step out of their boundaries and try something new.


Adventure + Story